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Welcome to The Free Therapy Project...

What's it about?

Trauma Strong is passionate about accessible mental health services for everyone. 

The Free Therapy Project is where Trauma Strong clinicians and guests come together to talk, argue about and discuss psychological theories, ideas and best practical strategies used in therapy. 

Who should join us?

Everyone and anyone. 

Struggling and need some tips to improve your mental health, or can't afford to see a professional? This is for you. 

Studying psychology, or completing an internship? Also for you.  

Established a career already in mental health but want to see what your colleagues are talking about? Yes! For you too. 

Just interested in psychology and want to listen to some people talk about cool stuff? Definitely for you.

Got a topic you want covered?

The Free Therapy Project will cover anything and everything we can relate back to psychology - which is pretty much anything.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or topics that you might like us to cover.

Free mental health resources

Click here to download our free resources that Lou uses in sessions with her clients. You can use them too, with these simple instructions. 

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Circles of control.jpg
Focus Card.jpg
Focus card instructions.jpg

Exercise for mental health

Join us for a run (or jog, or walk... no expectations).

Did you know?

Running regularly at a moderate or vigorous level can improve your mental health. Running also improves your memory and ability to learn. Running outside has other benefits, like lessening feelings of loneliness and isolation. Running can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 0600

Find us at the pin below

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